Ethan Dawe

Ethan Dawe was born and raised in Atmore, Alabama and started his first business while a sophomore at the University of South Alabama. He received his B.S. in Business Management in 1994 and continued to develop, own and operate different wholesale, retail and property investment companies. In 2005 he founded Innovative Financial Solutions LLC with the desire to provide financial services, estate planning, tax advantaged strategies and more. Ethan resides in Auburn, Alabama with his wife and three children.


Tax Advantaged Retirement Planning

We believe that it is more important to find ways to hold on to the money you have already earned, rather than picking investment winners and chasing higher rates of return. At IFS we create retirement strategies for clients where their wealth distribution at retirement is considered Cash Flow, as defined by the IRS Tax Code, and not classified as income- and therefore not subject to income tax. We do this by using sections of the IRS Tax Code that have been available for more than 100 years and use a financial product that is specifically designed to generate Tax Exempt Cash Flow in retirement. Almost everyone you know is participating in an employer sponsored 401(k). They do so because they get a match and they are under the belief that the market “always goes up.” I would encourage you to consider alternative planning to traditional investing. There are better solutions available to keeping your hard earned dollars and making them work for you. For many years I have set up retirement strategies for my clients that are extremely tax favored. In this time, my clients have not lost a single dollar based on my retirement investing strategy.

Life & Disability Insurance

It is imperative that you put certain protections in place. Your ability to work is your most valuable asset. Many clients own group insurance offered through their employer but there are many potential issues in owning group disability. We can look over your current policy and make sure it covers what you expect to be covered in the event of a disability. We provide disability insurance through several quality insurance carriers. We believe life insurance is not a Need financial tool – It is a Want financial tool. Life Insurance is the only financial product that will guarantee that what you want to happen – Will happen. We are well versed in how to create life insurance contracts that generate multiple living benefits, as well as provide protection for your family.

Estate Planning

Let IFS make sure you have all proper planning in place to allow your loved ones complete assurance that they are following your wishes. We can help you with a Last Will & Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directive and more. Estate planning also includes making sure your assets pass to your loved ones in the most tax efficient manner possible. We are well versed in how to create life insurance contracts that generate multiple living benefits, as well as provide protection for your family.


Ethan Dawe has given multiple presentations throughout the veterinary industry, as well as provided the legal/financial CE for the ALVMA in 2015/2016. Presentations include speaking to VMBA chapters, SAVMA chapters, and online webinars for Continuing Education in the veterinary industry. Please contact us to receive a list of available topics for your group. We offer financial lectures and seminars on wealth eroding factors and explain how you can position your assets in an environment that is less susceptible to financial erosion. Our financial workshop is designed to introduce our unique process and financial strategies to those interested in becoming a client, and to educate you on all aspects of this process. We consider our financial workshop the enlightenment stage of our unique process because it gives you the opportunity to explore what we do, how we do it and most importantly what we can do for you. Ethan Dawe is also available for your corporate events, to speak to your high-valued clients. Topics can include, but are not limited to: Tax strategies for small business owners, addressing common mistakes in the veterinary industry, selling your business and estate planning. Personal, online webinars are available by appointment. Innovative Financial Solutions uses the online meeting tool, Join.Me. This allows the client to see our computer screen while we speak by phone, as well as accommodating up to 12 participants from 12 separate computer connections.

Veterinary Practice Assessment & Valuation

We offer veterinary practices a full quantitative and qualitative evaluation. In this process we evaluate your last 3 years of financial information as well as production analysis providing key insight specific to your clinic. Buy/Sell Agreements We are well versed in preparing Buy/Sell agreements for you and your partners, as well as setting up Key Man life and disability insurance strategies.

Veterinary Practice Brokering

We are able to give you a clear valuation on your business, as well as advise you on how to best prepare your practice for sale. We also offer the service of brokering the sale of your veterinary practice.


“Ethan quickly became a critical node in all of my life event planning after seeing him interact with veterinary students at Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. His compassion, understanding of tax advantaged financial planning, and his ability to turn complex situations into manageable pieces has proved invaluable to hundreds of veterinary professionals, both through his interaction as a student financial planner and as a highly regarded lecturer for the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association. His knowledge of business and his extensive experience working with veterinarians and veterinary hospitals meld together to make him one of the most powerful voices in veterinary financial planning and

wealth management. His message is so relevant and crucial that I place him in front of students and veterinarians at every opportunity, particularly in leadership and professional development programs for our Association. I’m blessed to call Ethan a friend, a personal wealth management partner and the reason I can retire when I choose!”

Bradley M. Fields, DVM, MPH, CPH, DACVPM

American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners, Executive Director

Alabama Veterinary Medical Foundation, Executive Director

Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, Asst. Executive Director

Tiger Oak Management LLC, CEO & Senior Veterinarian

Office Phone/Fax: 334.521.OAKS (6257)

“We started using Ethan as our consultant in 2006 and he has become a dear family friend. Since that time, he has helped us with almost every facet of our personal and business finances. He has provided us with advice on Wills, asset protection, business structure, all insurances, retirement planning, investments, how to hold title to property, estate planning and so much more. His knowledge in the veterinary world is an invaluable asset to have at our disposal with just a phone call. He is always available to help and there hasn’t been a major financial decision in the last 10 years that Ethan hasn’t been involved in. Ethan is someone I can strongly recommend to anyone in the veterinary profession.”

Dr. Hank Lee & Dr. Lacey Lee, Lee Veterinary Clinic, PC

“Ethan is truly a storehouse of information. His guidance has been a vital factor in giving me confidence in the uncertainty of job searching, student loans, employment contracts, home ownership, and personal budgeting. I foresee him being a constant resource through opening my own clinics and on into my retirement.”

Rebecca Sweet DVM, AUCVM Class of 2015

“My experience working with Ethan Dawe has been unparalleled. He provides sound, practical advice in all areas of life. Ethan has advised me in areas such as: buying a car, home ownership verses renting, student loans, disability and life insurance, career changes and personal investment. Ethan has become an invaluable resource within the Auburn veterinary community and I have no doubt he will become a pivotal focal point within the entire veterinary community.”

Randi Armstrong DVM, AUCVM Class of 2011

“Ethan has been an invaluable asset to me as a veterinary student and in my transition from a student to a professional. I think the knowledge Ethan has shared with me concerning handling my debt load and my future finances may be the top influential factor in my financial success as an established professional.”

Chris Franklin DVM, AUCVM Class of 2015

“On behalf of the Auburn Chapter of the Veterinary Business Management Association, it is my privilege to write this letter of appreciation and recognition of Mr. Ethan Dawe.

We have had the benefit of having Ethan come to speak to the students here at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine several times, and on each occasion he has delivered a powerful, thought-provoking, and honest report on the current economic state of our profession and what we can expect upon graduation. Beyond that, he conveys his message in an impassioned yet professional manner, which engages participation and inspires us to take an active role in our financial futures. I have had numerous students come to me to thank the VBMA for bringing in such an honest and informed speaker, who can make even the most tedious (and sometimes even depressing) topics motivating.

In addition to hosting a VBMA lecture each semester, Ethan helps teach a financial planning elective, which we strongly encourage our members to take advantage of. Recently, he has even extended himself to offer personalized financial counseling to the students here at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Unlike many other financial advisors available, Ethan makes each experience personal and relevant to you. If you have a unique question or concern he always makes a point to reach out to you again after he has had time to do some research on the issue. He is attentive, accommodating, and willing to help in any way he can.

Ethan’s commitment to fostering success in those he works with has been a key factor in developing our relationship with him. For these and many other reasons, Ethan has become a highly preferred speaker for the Auburn VBMA. We are looking forward to a long partnership with him, and are excited to invite him back in the fall.”

2013 VBMA Auburn Chapter Officer Board


Over the years I have met with many veterinary associates and practice owners, mostly through referrals from clients. My experience extends from first year associates, to clients who are interested in owning a private practice, to clients with established veterinary practices. Throughout the past several years I have been able to meet one-on-one with hundreds of students via the student meetings through Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine. I have been able to speak to veterinary student organizations throughout the Southeast, and given presentations to professional veterinary groups and state veterinary associations.

In that time I have developed what I believe to be a unique perspective on the challenges that face veterinary students and young veterinarians. During student meetings throughout the years many of the same questions have continued to arise. I have a new book available, to hopefully help answer some of the common questions and challenges that they face. I also provide veterinary clients with a unique strategy for paying off their student loans that I call Alternative Loan Repayment Concept – ALRC. I would love the opportunity to discuss how I can help you in your veterinary career.

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